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pp plastic cup printing (straws. sealing film. plastic bags)

The company specializes in professional packaging services for beverages. The products range from PET cups, PP cups, parafilm to straw fresh boxes, gratin and baking disposable tableware, providing customers with the fastest and most complete service. In order to create a professional and high-quality enterprise, the company vigorously promotes the store's custom-made private edition cups to establish a professional image.

We insist on quality, with the goal of "maintaining food freshness and protecting food hygiene" and pursuing "innovation, high quality, and sustainable management". Continuously innovate products to meet customer needs, and provide customers with the most perfect service with the best quality, the most reasonable price, and the fastest delivery time. We also provide sea and air combined customs declaration for various import and export goods. If you have various needs in logistics and transportation, please contact us. 

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